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The future looks bright for Wirral-based lettings and property management specialist iLetsGo Properties as owner Michelle Ramejkis announces intentions to expand the business into the sales arena.

36-year-old entrepreneur Michelle acquired Lets Go Properties in January 2015 and merged it with her existing lettings agency, iLets LPM to form iLetsGo Properties. After an exciting 13 months of office refurbishment, recruitment and the usual teething problems that come with setting up a business, Michelle is now ready to spread her company’s wings and take business to the next level.

Specialising in tenant-find and full management services, estate agency is a natural progression for iLetsGo, Michelle says: “2015 was a rollercoaster year; we refurbished our new premises, and expanded the team, and during that first 9-12 months the company experienced a rapid growth period. It was a very busy time for us.

“I want to continue riding that wave and I feel that sales is the natural path for us to take.” She added.

This surge in rental business is supported by the latest English Housing Survey which shows a leap in the number of families renting privately and a dip in the number of private renters expecting to purchase property.

 “2016 looks very promising on both the lettings and estate agent fronts. In February there was a stark increase in buy-to-let purchases – partly due to beating the year-end clock but I think this is also due to reports of an increase in rental business - landlords want to be in a position to meet the demand while it’s there and so do we!”

Going it alone was a natural progression for Michelle, who gained the experience she needed in the industry working as an employee for various corporate agencies prior to setting up her own company (iLets LPM) in 2013.


iLetsGo is currently operating various offers for landlords and vendors – visit or call them on 0151 630 5888 for more details.

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Sell your house quicker with home staging

Photo courtesy of Via House

Are you thinking about selling your house? Or perhaps you’re already in the process of selling it? Maybe it’s been on the market so long that you’re beginning to doubt whether anyone’s going to want to buy your gorgeous property – and that confuses you, after all, since you’ve made so many lovely memories here and it looks so wonderfully homely. 

Well, there may be a reason for not selling the house quickly: because it still looks like it’s your home. People looking to purchase a property aren’t looking to buy your home; they want their own home with their own style. That’s where home staging can help. 

Setting the Stage

Home staging is all about calling in professionals, like us, who will create a de-cluttered space that has a real flow to it. Prettifying it up so that anyone who walks through the door just has to own the house. 

It’s sort of like selling a car: while the engine might be top-notch, and the mileage is good, if the back-seats are chockful of children’s toys, and the glove-box is filled to the brim with all your favourite CDs then that’s all people are going to see, no matter how brilliant that car is. And that can seriously harm any potential sale. 

De-Personalised Desire

What home staging can do is de-personalise your home, without ripping out the actual personality of the house itself. With a home that’s been professionally ‘staged’, we can work to make it far more appealing to prospective buyers. A way of generating an atmosphere that has anyone who tours the house effortlessly imagining themselves living there. 

Sales of any kind are based on first creating a desire. You’ve probably experienced it yourself; whether it’s an unmissable deal or an attractive product, if you think ‘I need that’, then half the battle’s already won. Home staging helps with stirring up those desirous emotions, making your home appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. 

The Wow-Want Factor

It’s about creating first impressions that really make an impact. That first impression needs to be ‘Wow! I want to buy this house. I don’t want anyone else living in this house. My house.’ 

When it’s done right, home staging is perfect for this. Not only, as we’ve said, does it entice more people into viewing the property, it also entices them to picturing themselves owning it. As such, it’s an ideal route to selling your home quicker. So, is it time you set the stage in your home? 


About the author

Debbie Bennett is the owner of Style Interiors, an Interior Design company dedicated to helping customers sell their house quickly and for the best price.  You can contact Debbie at the following places:

twitter: @styleinteriors1

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